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Max & Marvin

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As you step into the laboratory, you put on your lab coat (apron), grab your materials (flour, sugar, etc.) and follow the experiment (recipe) by mixing your reactants in the proper molar ratios to produce your products. To us, baking is no different than the sciences we’ve been studying all our lives.


Marvin: I’ve been working as a family physician for over 25 years, and baking for approximately 20. Although I picked up my interest in baking as an adult, I learned some tricks of the trade from my mother growing up. I started by baking odds and ends for family events, and as time has passed I’ve grown more and more attached to my electric mixer. I often adapt recipes to be pareve (yiddish term for non-dairy) and have become known as “the one who brings dessert”.


Max: I finished my undergraduate degree studying bio-medical science and nutrition and am currently in Medical School. Clearly I did something wrong to follow in my father’s footsteps. While some kids had piano or guitar lessons, I would watch my father bake. I was always inspired by his creations and around the age of 6, I was finally trusted to hold the spatula without licking it. Now, with a much deeper understanding of the whole “germs” thing, I wait until everything is in the oven to lick the spatula. I’m always looking for new recipes to try, and love troubleshooting an issue when something goes wrong. Baking has become one of my major sources of stress relief throughout university, and I use just about any excuse I can to make something new.

Special thanks to the matriarch of the family, or as she’s known by her self-appointed title, “Domestic Goddess”. Thank you for ruling the empire.

We both have our unique styles and preferences when it comes to baking, but neither of us can quite figure out how to properly clean a kitchen. This website is a place for us to share our latest finds, favourite recipes and new creations. We hope you enjoy!